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25 locations in 16 countries

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Edscha – our locations.

From 25 sites in 16 countries around the world we serve almost all automobile manufacturers with our products and our know-how.


Edscha Head Office, Germany
Edscha Automotive Hengersberg GmbH, Germany
Edscha Automotive Hauzenberg GmbH, Germany
Edscha Togliatti LLC, Russia
Edscha Engineering France S.A.S., France
Edscha Santander S.A., Spain
Edscha Burgos S.A., Spain
Edscha Automotive Italia, S.r.l., Italy
Edscha Automotive Kamenice s.r.o., Czechia
Edscha Hradec s.r.o., Czechia


Edscha Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., China
Edscha PHA Automotive Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd., China
Jui Li Edscha Hainan Industry Enterprise Co., Ltd., China
Edscha Japan Co., Ltd., Japan
Edscha PHA Ltd., South Korea
Jui Li Edscha Body Systems Co., Ltd., Taiwan
Edscha AAPICO Automotive Co., Ltd., Thailand
Edscha Aditya Automotive Systems, Ltd., India


Edscha Automotive Michigan, Inc., USA