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Information security policy

For Edscha, as a recognized development partner of the international automotive industry, innovations and patents, inventions and technical know-how and thus the protection of intellectual property are of central importance for future success. The generation and processing of information are fundamental factors for the fulfilment of our tasks and for the achievement of our corporate goals. Edscha regards information security as an essential component of our policy to minimize business risks.

All essential strategic and operative functions and tasks are significantly supported by information processing systems. A disruption of these processes and a failure of these systems must be able to be compensated overall in the short term. Confidential information from internal and external sources and the information processing systems used must be protected against access by unauthorised third parties, manipulation and failure.

The primary protection objective is to ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of information and its accessibility in a sustainable manner for all stakeholders. By operating an information management system that constantly assesses risks and conducts vulnerability analyses, deficits are identified and risks limited to an acceptable level. Internal audits ensure continuous improvement of all processes and measures.

The protection of personal data as well as the unexceptional observance of the principle of legality in our company is also a self-evident component of value-oriented corporate management. Securing and protecting the relevant information and data against unauthorized access and unauthorized modification or disclosure to third parties is of existential importance.

All parties involved in the business process (employees, business partners, suppliers, customers, shareholders, authorities) and others must be able to assume and rely on the fact that the information generated or processed in the Edscha Group is protected and that the company conscientiously assumes and ensures the responsibility of security.

Edscha expects all its employees, business partners and process participants to consistently observe all the values as well as to our principles for maintaining our reputation as a company with high ethical standards.

Kindly address queries on information security to the following:

[Information Security Officer]
Rolf-G√ľnter Arnz