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Training at Edscha – the ideal way to start your career

Choosing a career is more than just looking for a job.

A solid foundation

By selecting the right occupation and the right company for an apprenticeship, you can lay the foundation for a successful, crisis-proof career. Edscha has successfully trained apprentices for many years and sees vocational training as one of its obligations to society.

We believe it is our social duty to train young men and women for an occupation, giving them a perspective in life.

Get to know our apprenticeships. You can learn more about vocational training at Edscha and our apprenticeships on this page.

Our apprenticeships in video.

The right training company

Why come to Edscha for an apprenticeship?
What apprenticeships does Edscha offer?
How does vocational training work?
And what comes next?

Get to know our apprenticeships at the Remscheid site (NRW).


Get to know our apprenticeships at the Hengersberg site (Bayern).


Get to know our apprenticeships at the Hauzenberg site (Bayern).


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