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Edscha Kunststofftechnik

Plastics competence for lightweight automotive solutions.

Plastics expertise

In automobile manufacture, plastics technology is a key lightweight design technology which is steadily growing in importance. Megatrends like climate change call for uncompromising lightweight design of all vehicle components. With Edscha Kunststofftechnik GmbH, established in Remscheid, we are systematically extending our skills in this major field. This strengthens our innovative capacity with lasting effect.

In the Edscha product range, the importance of innovative lightweight design solutions is steadily increasing. This applies not only to drives for the fully automatic opening and closing of rear lids and liftgates, but also to hinge systems and door checks, and increasingly also to foot controls. In the process Edscha especially applies high-strength fibre-glass or carbon-fibre reinforced thermoplastics that are able to substitute metal very well.

The integration of plastics technology at the Remscheid site ensures optimum interlocking of the plastics technology unit, our development units and the department for processes and technology. Moreover, short channels of communication make very fast responses possible.


State-of-the-art machinery allows for the large-volume production of precision plastic parts.  Amongst others 1-component and 2-component injection moulding machines with a maximum locking pressure of 3,000 kN produce a weight per part/unit of up to 600 g.


Tool shop

The tool shop of Edscha Kunststofftechnik provides the corresponding innovative and custom-fit solutions. Thanks to its own tool concept it has a unique selling point on the market, which sets Edscha Kunststofftechnik (plastics engineering) clearly apart from competitors.

EKT introduces itself

The team of Edscha Kunststofftechnik (EKT), based in Remscheid, Germany, presents itself in an eight-minute Video.