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Why we are an attractive proposition for your future.

Pillars of our success

Founded in 1870, Edscha has developed into the world’s largest supplier of hinge-systems. It is one of the leading European suppliers of driver controls (pedal boxes and parking brakes) and drives for fully automated opening and closing of rear lids and lift gates. Under the umbrella of Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp, Edscha services virtually every automaker with its products and know-how - an achievement only possible thanks to the efforts of our employees, who are the driving force behind the company. 

This company is made up of creative and driven people who are always kept at the centre, as the cornerstone and foundation of the company's success. After all, our employees are our most important assets and we are committed to them as a partner.

Our benefits at a glance

We offer you a wide range of attractive benefits. Please find some examples below.


A close and familiar work environment, that promotes teamwork and collaboration between teams, departments and regions.



Advocates of continuous improvement by developing new technologies and practices that translate into efficient and sustainable solutions. It is a pioneer in areas such as Industry 4.0 with a clear commitment to innovation. 



Training as a fundamental tool that offers many opportunities for personal and professional development.



A safe industrial environment, with its own integrated management system that involves everyone in the creation of a healthy and safe working environment.



Belonging to a company that adheres to ESG (environmental, social and governance) criteria, committed to reduce environmental impact and ensure a sustainable future for the industry.


There are many reasons to plan your future with us – come on board and apply now.

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