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Trunk lids and liftgates that open and close automatically and without effort are very popular and are now standard equipment on a large number of vehicles. There is a lot of potential in this for further applications.

Our product portfolio

Megatrends in the automotive industry such as new mobility concepts, autonomous driving, the electrification of vehicles and connectivity, together with our core topics of safety, comfort and lightweight construction, form the framework for our development activities in mechatronics.

Intelligent system solutions for vehicle flaps and doors, equipped with optional additional functions that can be enabled on demand, are the results of our work.

Module Drive

A powerful electric motor and high precision are the hallmarks of this system.

As a system developer, Edscha offers a comprehensive portfolio in the area of powered liftgates and deck lids. In addition to the actuators, this also consists of the control unit (ECU) and an anti-pinch sensor system. The development of the latest generation of spindle drives is based on the experience gained from numerous series projects that Edscha has successfully implemented. The modular design of the drives offers cost benefits: standardized components can be flexibly combined with each other depending on the technical requirements. This permits easy adaptation of the electric spindle drives to various flaps and lids.

Edscha Power Door

Edscha focuses on more comfort for passengers.

Edscha has developed a second generation of its Power Door. The first generation was awarded the Automotive Innovations Award 2021. What is new about the second generation is not only the actuator, which is now located in the door check area. In fact, Edscha offers a comprehensive system around the Power Door, including intelligent sensor technology that detects obstacles in the vicinity of the door and can stop the door in due time before a collision. Edscha also supplies the control unit (ECU). It is used to control the actuator by means of specially developed software and is also the link to the vehicle environment monitoring system, which also detects static and dynamic obstacles such as pedestrians and cyclists. 

As with the first generation of the Power Door, which Edscha put into series production in 2021, the second generation also has a so-called servo function. This means that even heavy doors can be moved manually with virtually no effort – no matter what position the car is in. The Edscha side door drive is also stepless, meaning it has no stop notches but keeps the door firmly in place in any position. This enables a maximum entry or exit angle, making access to the vehicle more comfortable than ever before. Pinch protection during closing is naturally integrated into the system.

Power Door (PDF)

Cross Drive

The Cross Drive is Edscha’s modular drive concept for trunk lids.

Thanks to its compact, flexible design, the Cross Drive can also be easily integrated into small installation spaces. The angled positioning of the motor makes it particularly suitable for demanding installation space situations. An innovative worm gear also makes the Cross Drive particularly quiet, and with its weight of 700 to 1000 grams, the Cross Drive is also lightweight.


In line with the motto “less is more,” single-sided drive concepts with only one spindle drive require a spring strut for perfect alignment. Acoustic performance, visual appearance, and harmonious lid movement in the overall system play an important role here.

Edscha also offers a modular system in addition to its individual counterbalance configurations.


Innovations Mechatronics

As a strategic development partner to the international automobile industry, Edscha designs convincing solutions for up-to-date vehicle concepts.

Innovations Mechatronics