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Our goal

We want to consistently expand our status as a technology leader with constant innovations and ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

Our goal

Edscha's main goal is to consistently expand its status as a technology leader and indispensable partner of the international automobile industry with constant innovations and as a result ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. Edscha will make an important contribution to the public interest by applying the best possible, environmental friendly, energy efficient, resource saving and safe processes and technologies during development, production and the entire product life cycle. The continuous improvement of our certified quality management, environmental management, occupational health and safety management and the associated compliance with the existing obligations is a matter of course for Edscha. In this context we also understand that Edscha is committed to the fundamental principles of the "United Nations Global Compact", which are the basis of a sustainable global economy. This common success creates trust and ensures the greatest possible benefit for all of Edscha's interested partners.

The customer is in the focus of our efforts. All our activities are aimed at achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction. We offer the customer excellent products and services in terms of quality - based on our zero-defect strategy - as well as safety standards and environmental compatibility at a fair and competitive price. Our goal is to further expand our technological leadership in all business areas. We listen carefully to our customers to understand their expectations. By providing new technical solutions we want to give them a competitive edge and not only meet their expectations, but exceed them. We inspire our customers with innovations that are the basis for growth and customer satisfaction. Every delivery and service must be a recommendation for further business.

Satisfied employees are an essential success factor for a quality-conscious and innovative organisation. Edscha promotes measures aimed at increasing employee satisfaction, such as sufficient information, participative leadership, performance-related remuneration and access to necessary further training. Edscha also promotes the personal responsibility of its employees. The occupational safety and well-being of our employees are integral components of our corporate policy. With our occupational health and safety management system we are constantly improving the safety of our employees, minimize risks at work and create safe global working conditions which are subject to a continuous improvement process through "lessons learned".

For the choice of suppliers Edscha focuses on competitiveness and on certified quality and environmental management as well as compliance with occupational safety standards. Edscha expects the same high ethical standards from its suppliers and service providers in accordance with the "Code of Conduct" of the Gestamp Group. We are aware that only experienced and qualified suppliers and service providers increase our competitiveness. Cooperation based on trust forms the basis for improving / becoming better together. Sustainable and ecological management in harmony with nature, while saving resources, avoiding waste and reducing effects on the environment to a minimum, not only ensures the future viability of Edscha but also contributes to greater prosperity and environmental protection wherever Edscha is active as a company. In this way we make a general contribution to a healthy life, good health and well-being.

A PDF about Edscha's corporate policy is available here for download.
Corporate policy  (PDF)