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The product portfolio of our largest business unit comprises hinges for vehicle doors, hoods and flaps, plus door checks and door hinges with integrated door checks. In addition, we develop completely new door opening concepts.

Our product portfolio

Hinge systems

We serve automakers the world over, supplying them with sheet metal hinges, rolled-section hinges and forged hinges.

The function of hinges basically has remained the same ever since the automobile was invented and first fitted with hinges by Edscha: to connect body parts reliably and flexibly. However, the demands on their functionality, service life, safety and cost efficiency are steadily growing. Edscha satisfies these demands by constantly improving its products and production processes.

Door hinges

Edscha hinges have been withstanding extremely heavy loads since 1870.

For instance in taxis in London or Berlin, whose doors are opened and closed day after day, and not always gently. And, to take an extreme example, in accidents: it should be possible to open even severely damaged doors and not have them jam or be torn from their anchorages. Their hinges must reliably divert the impact forces into the body.

Door checks

We set a new trend at the turn of the millennium with the use of plastics in our door checks.

Today we have a whole family of door checks with a large proportion of plastic parts. This not only reduces weight but also enables much more precise construction of the individual parts. Edscha caters in particular to the increasing comfort requirements of its customers with its innovative infinite door checks – because they ensure extremely convenient entry and exit by securing the door in place in any position. Door checks with high closing energy also help to close even lightweight doors made of aluminum or other materials with hardly any effort.  

Edscha Double Spring (PDF)

Lid and flap hinges

Edscha offers a large range of single and multiple joint hinges for opening and closing hoods and rear lids as well as liftgates and tailgates.

Worldwide our teams of experts develop outstanding technical solutions and deliver cost-optimized, perfectly tailored products. In production, Edscha excels in particular with excellent manufacturing skills and a high level of automation. Lid and flap hinges from Edscha meet the highest demands on hinge system longevity, functionality and safety.


Sliding door systems

Sliding doors also have decisive advantages for cars.

They make getting in and out easier, especially in tight parking spaces. And they minimize the risk of putting a dent in your own vehicle or the vehicle next to yours. Edscha has longstanding experience in the area of sliding doors and develops customized solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. In addition to the classic Edscha products, the lower, middle and upper roller, Edscha is now focusing on developing and supplying other parts of complex sliding door systems. One focus here is on the rails. Here, among other things, Edscha has developed a multi-part rail in which both aluminum and plastic components can be used. The advantages of this new concept are obvious: less weight, lower costs, lower tolerances and faster processes. The portfolio also includes sliding door-specific components such as wedges, end stops, crash hooks and (hold-open) door checks.

Sliding Door Rails (PDF)

Driver controls

Parking brakes and pedal boxes are key safety-related parts and thus have to meet maximum quality standards.

When it comes to driver controls, Edscha can rely on a comprehensive product range and outstanding expertise in lightweight design. Parking brakes optimized for low noise are another focus. Edscha assumes responsibility for the overall system, including the integration of all cable systems.


Spare tire carrier

Edscha’s spare tire carriers make it possible to stow the spare wheel under the vehicle floor in a space-saving manner and retrieve it conveniently when needed.

These cost-effective systems come in a variety of designs. The central element is a winch with which the spare wheel is fastened under the chassis.

Liftgate wedge assembly

The liftgate wedge assembly is installed between C/D pillar and liftgate and ensures that the liftgate fits very tightly. Vibrations that could lead to irritating noises in the interior are almost completely suppressed by the device.


Switch handle

Modular design for a wide range of applications.

With the switch handle, Edscha has another very versatile product. Thanks to its modular design, its functionality goes far beyond the basic function of a simple handle for opening the trunk. This is because the switch handle can be optionally equipped with a slot that enables the integration of a camera. The version with camera slot can also be equipped with a water jet for cleaning the camera lens, ensuring a good view to the rear at all times with this variant. Furthermore, a "clip function" ensures easy assembly at the customer's site.

Innovations Body Components

Process orientation, strategic prioritization and the utilization of international network structures are just a few of the success factors that determine our innovative power.

Innovations Body Components