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Edscha presents latest innovations at Auto Shanghai

Clear focus on electromobility.

For the first time in four years, one of the most important exhibitions of the automotive industry, the "Auto Shanghai" (April 18-27, 2023), was held again in full size. More than 1,000 exhibitors took this opportunity to present their latest innovations. One of them: Gestamp. The focus was especially on solutions tailored to electric cars. Edscha was on site with its Power Door as well as the Active Frunk.

The Power Door is the second generation of the innovative side door drive. What is new about it is not only the actuator, which is now located in the door check area. In fact, Edscha offers a comprehensive system around the Power Door, including intelligent sensor technology that detects obstacles in the vicinity of the door and can stop the door in due time before a collision.

The Active Frunk combines an actuator for fully automatic opening and closing of the front lid with a hinge for active pedestrian protection. Edscha can even rely on several concepts for pedestrian protection.


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