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Innovations Mechatronics

The human being is at the heart of our development activity. Edscha works in a targeted manner to continually offer its customers products with innovative usage value and new technology. The focus of our development is on safety, comfort and lightweight construction.

Innovations Mechatronics

Innovation competence

The Certification Body for Research Grants (BSFZ) has awarded Edscha the BSFZ seal. The BSFZ, which is authorized by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, thus honors Edscha's corporate innovation competence.

This is because the BSFZ seal is awarded exclusively to companies that carry out research and development and are permitted to claim funding for this through the research allowance. Edscha is currently researching and developing several projects in the field of mechatronics that are publicly funded in this way.

Active Frunk

Edscha’s Active Frunk is a solution specially tailored for electric vehicles.

Where most vehicles today still have an internal combustion engine, electric vehicles have space that can be used for other purposes such as carrying luggage. The Active Frunk combines a powered system for fully automatic opening and closing of the front lid and a hinge for active pedestrian protection.

Active Frunk (PDF)

Powered sliding door

When it comes to sliding doors, Edscha has many years of experience. A large number of precision-fit mechanical solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles have resulted from this know-how.

Now Edscha has applied its extensive expertise in the field of powered flaps, lids and doors to the development of an electrically powered sliding door system. Edscha supplies the mechanical components, the electric drive for opening and closing the sliding door and other electronic components.