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Innovations Body Components

Having good ideas is one side of the coin; the other is to have suitable structures that enable the development of ideas into a product ready for production. Process orientation, strategic prioritization and the utilization of international network structures are just a few of the success factors that determine our innovative power.

Innovations Body Components

Active pedestrian protection

The protection of pedestrians involved in accidents with cars has improved significantly in the past years.

Edscha has longstanding experience in the development and manufacture of complex hood hinges for so-called active pedestrian protection. In the event of a collision with a pedestrian, a pyrotechnic actuator opens the hood within a few milliseconds, but in the opposite direction to the normal opening direction, creating a buffer that softens the impact on the hood.

Edscha Double Spring

Infinite door checks such as the Edscha Double Spring offer more comfort and flexibility.

The premium door check ensures that the car door remains securely in place in any position. It makes it extremely convenient to get in and out of the car. Thanks to the EDS, car manufacturers can also reduce weight in the door area without having to compromise on feel.

Edscha Double Spring (PDF)

Hinges made of CFRP

Megatrend lightweight construction: Edscha brings hinges made of lightweight CFRP to mass production.

Driven by progressively stricter requirements to reduce CO2 emissions, the use of new, lighter materials is becoming increasingly important. As an innovation leader in the field of hinge systems, Edscha is also making progress here and has independently developed a rear lid hinge made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic, CFRP for short, and brought it to mass production maturity.

A video of the thermoforming process at Edscha.