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Edscha Powered Side Doors

Remscheid – Sensors on vehicles are increasingly becoming the technological standard. Today’s sensors no longer monitor only the area in front of or behind a vehicle, but alongside the vehicle as well. Edscha puts this development to use. With 360-degree monitoring on all sides of the vehicle, the time is ripe for powered side doors. At present, Edscha is developing an actuator for side doors that provides the power and speed necessary to open doors. The actuator is controlled by software specifically developed for the purpose.

The advantages are obvious: comfort and safety. Comfort, because the door opens automatically and can be moved without exerting force in any situation – no matter what position the car is in. Gravitational force is virtually eliminated. Control is also very flexible, either by voice or by gestures – almost everything is conceivable. If a door opens automatically, reliable collision protection is indispensable. The Edscha side door drive detects obstacles with the aid of a device for monitoring the surroundings of a vehicle, stopping the door opening before contact occurs. It recognizes static obstacles like pillars, but also dynamic obstacles like pedestrians or cyclists. In the future, scratches on the door of your own car or on a car parked next to yours, and accidents caused by carelessly-opened side doors will no longer happen – blind spots will also be unknown in the future, because the door recognizes when it can open and when it should remain closed. The Edscha side door drive not only knows when it has to stop, it is also stepless, meaning that it operates without notches or detents. Thanks to the elimination of friction, the door is virtually free-floating, yet is held fast in the optimal position. This enables a maximum entry and exit angle, making access to the vehicle more comfortable than ever before. And an obstruction sensor for closing is naturally integrated in the system.

This innovative solution is well received by the customer. Currently Edscha has a series production order and is involved in intense discussions with other customers. Edscha wants to meet the needs and expectations of its customers and wants to offer more than the mere component in the future – the goal is to offer customers a total package of actuator and control unit with various software solutions.


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