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Edscha Santander continues to roll out Industry 4.0 initiatives

Edscha makes progress in consolidating the Digital Factory

Edscha Santander continues to deploy initiatives to maximize the potential of new Industry 4.0 technologies and is making progress in consolidating the Digital Factory and moving towards the Gestamp Smart Factory Concept.

The Government of Cantabria and the European Union through the FEDER Operational Program 2014-2020 continue assess positively the latest projects presented and Edscha Santander has received in all its projects funding by the European Regional Development Fund through the FEDER Operational Program of Cantabria 2014-2020 through the Industry 4.0 subsidy line.

The initiatives implemented are seeking to reduce non-value added tasks and are implemented in any area of our plant. As an example:

  • Intralogisitica: Implementation of an autonomous robot (AGV) for the removal of finished product from the machines that assembley the Capot hinges, which has enabled us to increase the productivity of our forklift operators by reducing the number of movements to be carried out by them.
  • Cybersecurity: Firewall implemented between the IT and OT networks, securing the workshop equipment.
  • Training: Digitalization Onboarding training and the use of virtual reality for a pilot training project for plant workers, allowing us to reduce the number of hours dedicated by trainers.
  • Administrative processes: Digitalization of invoice accounting processes and the scrap management process. In this case, we have managed to optimise processes, making them more robust and with information accessible in real time.
  • Environment: Sensorise our compressor network to be more efficient by applying variable control and reducing the carbon footprint.

Our challenge is:

  • Create more efficient, flexible manufacturing plants with more robust and reliable processes.
  • Add intelligence to processes.
  • Transform data into the right information, immediately and monitor it at the right time to facilitate the decision-making process.

With all of this, Edscha Santander is strengthening management, eliminating non-added value from tasks and providing the right information to those responsible in real time, which leads to an advance in decision-making that is reflected in increased productivity and efficiency.