Company history


Founding of the company in Remscheid, Germany, by the 26-year-old Eduard Scharwächter, whose shortened name was the origin of the company's later name. Edscha at first supplies hinges, fittings and locks for horse-drawn carriages and later for other vehicles too.






Edscha concentrates on hinges and sells its lock production.


Richard Albert Bremicker, a grand-nephew of Eduard Scharwächter, joins the company and is its managing director from 1941 to 1990.


First major series order for the automobile industry. Edscha hinges can be found in legendary vehicles such as the Adler Trumpf, the Hanomag Kurier and the Hanomag Sturm.


Building of the new plant in Hengersberg, Lower Bavaria.


A patent creates the basis for business with sliding roofs for trucks. Today the Edscha roof is a generic term for sliding roofs.


Internationalization: setting up of first Edscha production facilities outside Germany.


Building of new plant in Hauzenberg, Lower Bavaria.


Edscha lands an order from BMW for the production of the convertible roof for its 3 Series. This order is the foundation of the later Convertible Roof Systems division.


In November the 100,000th convertible roof system leaves the Hengersberg plant.


Redefinition of the corporate strategy. Edscha's "best in class" philosophy calls for concentration on core competences. Screw and pin production, and also the production of drivers' cabs is discontinued. Closure of unprofitable locations and greater emphasis on internationalization.


In April a management buy out takes place for the Edscha Group. All shares are purchased by Horst Kuschetzki - from 1994 Edscha's managing director - together with a group of financial investors. The MBO guarantees the independence of the Edscha Group, assures continuity in the leadership and business development of the company, and strengthens the financial basis for global growth.


On March 31 the Edscha share is officially traded at the Frankfurt Bourse for the first time. Going public allows access to the capital markets, and the employees can have a stake in the company.


In July Edscha purchases all the shares in the American hinge specialist Jackson Automotive Group, Inc.. This acquisition makes Edscha the market leader for door hinges and door checks in North America too. For the first time since 1993, no new plant is built. This fact marks the end for the time being of the massive expansion of the company's worldwide presence. However, capacity expansions and targeted investments will take place in the future too.


In July Edscha acquires the vehicle developer IVM Automotive, Munich. This extends the Group's development capacities, adding 1,000 employees at eleven locations in Germany and specialized know-how in body development and design, engine, drive and chassis engineering, automotive electronics, prototype construction and testing, plus total vehicle project organization. Edscha now has a unique combination of evelopment and manufacturing capacities at its disposal for the motor vehicle industry and is in the position in future to offer the industry yet more comprehensive solutions up and down the value chain.


In December 2002, EdCar Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG – a "newco" in which the financial investors of The Carlyle Group hold a majority interest, but in which the Board members of Edscha AG also have an interest of 23 percent in all – takes over 70.5 percent of the share capital of Edscha AG from the majority shareholders. As part of the parallel public takeover offer, this share rises to more than 98 percent of the share capital by February 2003. At the request of EdCar, an extraordinary general meeting is held on 23 May 2003 and agrees on the squeeze-out of the minority shareholders.


In January, with the entry of the transfer decision (squeeze-out) taken by the extraordinary general meeting held in May 2003 into the Commercial Register of Edscha AG, all shares of minority shareholders pass to EdCar Beteiligungs GmbH & Co. KG. After four years and ten months, trading in Edscha shares ceases. In November, another very important period comes to an end: After ten years at the top of the Company Horst Kuschetzki passes the chair of the Management Board to Dr. Manfred Puhlmann and takes a seat on the Supervisory Board.


In September 2005, after 36 years, Edscha sells the smallest of five business divisions, Sliding Roofs for Trucks, to a Swedish manufacturer of trailer couplings for trucks who will be able to exploit new synergy effects and open up new perspectives to the division. Edscha now focuses entirely on its core customers: car makers worldwide.


Edscha realigns its organization in the growth market Asia: in May the Edscha Group establishes its first wholly owned subsidiary in China, Edscha Automotive Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., which functions as Asian headquarters and controls the increasingly important activities in this region. With production, sales or application engineering facilities at seven locations, Edscha is present in all strategically important centers of Asia.


In March, the Edscha Group parted with IVM Automotive, Munich, giving up its Vehicle Design division as a result. Edscha now focuses on its business in body components (hinge systems, powered systems, parking brakes, foot controls) and convertible roof systems and is active at 29 locations in 16 countries around the world.


On February 2, 2009, the board of Edscha AG initiates insolvency proceedings for the European sites of the Edscha Group. The reasons for filing for insolvency are the massive declining trends in the global automobile market in combination with clearly deteriorating access to financing in the capital markets. Necessary revitalizing measures are initiated and company business continues.


In January Webasto AG takes over the Convertible Roof Systems Business Unit. With this takeover all jobs and plants are secured. In March the cartel authorities give their approval to the acquisition of Edscha's Body Components Business Unit by Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp Automoción. Under the umbrella of Gestamp Automoción Edscha has excellent chances of holding a strong position in the market.


In August Edscha lays the foundation stone for a new production plant in the south Chinese city of Kunshan. At a formal ceremony Torsten Greiner, CEO of Edscha, gives the go-ahead for the building of a further facility in China. To date, Edscha is present in the Asian market at six locations in all, four of them in China and one each in Japan and Taiwan.


In March Edscha takes over FPS Kunststofftechnik GmbH, based in Halver, and Friedhelm Piepenstock GmbH, based in Schalksmühle. With these acquisitions, Edscha systemati-cally extends its expertise in the field of plastics technology.

Since July Edscha cooperates with the Thai automotive supplier AAPICO Hitech Public Co., Ltd., Ayutthaya, and Pyeong Hwa Automotive (PHA), with headquarters in Daegu, South Korea. With the new 50:50 joint ventures Edscha expands its presence in Asia.

In August Edscha celebrates the opening of its new plant in Kunshan, China: Edscha Automotive Components Kunshan Co., Ltd.


In March Edscha opens its first plant in Russia. In Togliatti, about 1,000 km southeast of Moscow, Edscha manufactures door hinges and other products for the Russian market.

In June Edscha lays the cornerstone for its first plant in Mexico. With the new location, Edscha comes a big step closer to the goal of expanding its global presence and taking production to the customer.


Edscha expands in the USA and establishes a new location in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Headquarters and production department are consolidated under one umbrella there.


The groundbreaking ceremony on June 29th marks the official start of construction of a further production plant in China. The plant is being erected in the huge metropolis of Chongqing. At Edscha Automotive Components (Chongqing), EACQ for short, now already the sixth Edscha plant in China, it is planned to manufacture door hinges, door checks, hood hinges and rear lid hinges.

In late October Edscha PHA opens a new plant in Cheonan, South Korea, in a ceremonial act. Two ultra-modern assembly facilities are available there for the production of liftgate drives. Another facility is for the assembly of hinge systems.


For the first time Edscha will present itself at the Auto Shanghai, which is considered to be the leading trade fair for the Asian region. The main focus there will be on the comfort topic. Among other things, visitors will be able to experience the advantages of the Edscha Power Door at first hand there.

In the same year Edscha will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of its Chinese joint venture Shanghai Edscha Machinery Co., Ltd. (SEM). In this context, the groundbreaking ceremony will mark the official start of construction of a new plant in Shanghai's Baoshan Industrial Park, which is scheduled to start its production under the name of Edscha Automotive Components Shanghai in 2022.


Happy Birthday, Edscha! Edscha is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a VR world, an anniversary website, a special edition of the company magazine Edscha compact and a painting competition for children. Unfortunately, many other activities and all the family celebrations scheduled as part of Edscha’s anniversary are cancelled due to the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.