Powered Systems

Pushbutton comfort

Rear lids and liftgates that open and close at the push of a button are becoming increasingly popular. Drivers appreciate their simple and clean operation and above all the added comfort.

For the BMW X5, Edscha, as the first system developer, put an electric spindle drive for production liftgates on the market and thus set a benchmark. This experience and the experience from numerous other production projects have entered into the latest generation of spindle drives.

A powerful electric motor and high precision are the hallmarks of this system. The liftgate or the rear lid moves quietly and evenly in the desired direction and, at the touch of a button, comes to a stop in any position. Moreover, the desired opening angle can be individually preset. If, for example, a piece of luggage is sticking out of the load compartment, an anti-trap device prevents damaging the luggage. It is always triggered when an obstacle blocks the path of the flap. If the opening of the flap merely is made a little more difficult because snow is lying on it or the vehicle is parked on a slope, the motor compensates for this by working with higher torque. The modular design of the drives offers cost benefits: standardized components can be flexibly combined with each other depending on the technical requirements.

This permits easy adaptation of the electric spindle drives to various flaps and lids. In this way our constant striving for innovative solutions and the further improvement of our powered systems secures competitive advantages for our customers – especially with regard to functionality and the optimum utilization of existing installation space.

Edscha side door drive

One of Edscha's latest developments in the Power Systems field is an electric-powered side door drive providing more comfort and safety when getting into and out of the vehicle. The Edscha side door drive not only knows when it has to stop, it is also stepless, meaning that it operates without notches or detents. Thanks to the elimination of friction, the door is virtually free-floating, yet is held fast in the optimal position. This enables a maximum entry and exit angle, making access to the vehicle more comfortable than ever before. And an obstruction sensor for closing is naturally integrated in the system.