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Hinge (6,3 MB)
Found in almost every car brand in the world: hinges from Edscha.
Door check (3,6 MB)
Proven quality: door checks made by Edscha.
Notch stop hinge (5,4 MB)
Compact forged hinge with integrated door check.
Hood hinge (5,3 MB)
Pedestrian protection – Edscha develops and manufactures complex hood hinges for active pedestrian safety.
Powered systems (2,2 MB)
Pushbutton comfort: Powered systems for fully automatic opening and closing of rear lids and liftgates.
Sliding door systems (3,4 MB)
Edscha develops customized solutions for passenger cars and commercial vehicles.
Driver controls (7,1 MB)
Edscha offers a comprehensive product range and outstanding expertise in lightweight design.
Production (2 MB)
Thousands of units, with consistently high quality and perfect adherence to dimensions.
Hinge production (3 MB)
State-of-the-art standards – hinge production at Edscha.