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New door checks from Edscha

Success with innovations

Remscheid – To enable Edscha to continue to participate in the growth of the automobile industry, one thing is indispensable: Innovative products with which Edscha can inspire its customers time and again. An outstanding example of this is two new door checks that have aroused a lot of customer interest. The first is a door check with high closing energy. Car doors are becoming increasingly lighter due to the use of aluminum. One result is that the contribution of weight force to door closing is becoming increasingly smaller. This poses new challenges for vehicle manufacturers. With its so-called High Energy Door Checks – door checks with high closing energy – Edscha already has a marketable solution to meet these challenges.

Another innovative product from this segment is the Edscha Double Spring. This stepless door check caters to the increasing comfort requirements of Edscha’s customers. It ensures that the door securely stays in any position in which it is placed, making boarding and alighting extremely comfortable.