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Focus on greater passenger comfort

Edscha: Innovations for automotive megatrends

At Edscha the focus is on greater passenger comfort. One of Edscha's latest developments is an electric side door drive that opens and closes car doors automatically. Moreover, thanks to the servo function the doors can be moved without any effort – no matter what position the car is in. The Edscha side door drive detects obstacles with the aid of a device for monitoring the surroundings of a vehicle, stopping the door opening before contact occurs.

Another focus of Edscha is lightweight construction. Edscha is presenting a rear lid hinge made of carbon-fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP). “By using carbon fiber composites we’ve succeeded in reducing the hinge’s weight by 56 percent without impairing its mechanical performance,” explains Edscha CEO Torsten Greiner.

Safety is another megatrend in the automotive industry where Edscha offers an innovative solution. If a collision with a pedestrian occurs, within a few milliseconds Edscha’s active pedestrian protection hinges rise up contrary to the normal opening direction, lifting the engine hood a small bit to create an impact absorbing zone. This buffer softens


the impact of the body, especially the head, on the hood and in this way provides added protection to the pedestrian.

Edscha’s and Gestamp’s joint stand will be in Hall 7, stand number 7321.