Why you should come to Edscha

Edscha gets things moving –
including your career

Are cars your passion? Do you want to work for a company with a global reach? A company which is a leader in technology and a strategic development partner to the automotive industry? Do you want to play an active role in an environment with flat hierarchies and assume responsibility quickly? Then Edscha might be the right employer for you.

Edscha puts the customer first

We are a strategic development partner to the international automotive industry. Working with our customers, we develop modern vehicle designs of outstanding quality. Our expert teams deliver cost-optimized products that are perfectly tailored to customer requirements.

Edscha is innovative

Edscha is known for its innovative solutions for hinges and door checks, powered systems, pedestrian protection and driver controls. For us, innovation is a never-ending process that helps our customers stay a step ahead of the competition.

Edscha is global

We are active throughout the world: in development, project management and production. Under the umbrella of the Spanish automotive supplier Gestamp we supply products and know-how to almost every car manufacturer.

Edscha is reliable

Edscha is acclaimed for its manufacturing expertise, high level of automation in production and excellent technical solutions. As a consequence we are a valued first-tier supplier.

Edscha is experienced

Founded in 1870, Edscha has become an indispensable partner to the automotive industry. Today its Body Components and Powered Systems divisions are leaders on the world market.

Edscha is attractive

Edscha was awarded the title of “Top Automotive Employer” – making it one of the most innovative companies producing vehicles or supplying components and services in the automotive industry.

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Why you’ll find us attractive

Modern technologies and standards

As an employee of a world market leader you can rightly expect to have sophisticated technologies and advanced materials at your disposal. Our long-term commitment to innovation and advanced manufacturing methods will give you ample opportunity to apply your creativity and explore new ideas. And it goes without saying that we use state-of-the-art equipment and IT facilities in our administration. In short, working at Edscha means being at the leading edge.


We make it easy for you to get started at Edscha. A folder with key information about the company helps you get your bearings. An orientation plan geared to your new job takes you through various departments, and a sponsor is there at all times to give advice. We do everything we can to make you an integral part of our team.


We make sure that you have the qualifications necessary to perform your job. But we also help you acquire new skills for your future career. As a part of our training planning and our annual performance assessments, we conduct thorough analyses of training needs in the company, allowing us to determine exactly what further training you need.

Career advancement

With production, sales and development facilities in 15 countries, Edscha offers its roughly 5,400 employees a wealth of opportunities to move ahead in their careers. If you show good performance and are flexible and mobile, you will find many ways to move up – and to do so quickly. We don’t just talk about talent management, we practice it. We fill an above-average percentage of management positions from within the company. This shows that our employees have genuine advancement opportunities.

Work-life balance

As an employee you have many obligations, both at work and in private life. Our flextime system allows you to decide when to come to work each day and when to leave. We believe it is important to achieve a balance between one’s family and career. Whenever possible, we therefore encourage part-time contracts. Moreover, we allow you to work from a home office if it is compatible with your responsibilities and makes it easier for you to care for family members. We know that your family makes demands just the way we do, and we want to help you take everyone’s needs into account.

Social security

Edscha combines the charm of a mid-size company with the advantages a large enterprise, and this applies especially to social security and social benefits. Edscha has collective agreements with all labor organizations based in Germany. The metalworking and electrical industry agreement offers many advantages. As an employer Edscha contributes to the company retirement pension scheme in keeping with the

collective agreement on capital accumulation benefits for employees. We also support your personal efforts to save for retirement. The MetallRente pension plan provides an easy and attractive means of investing for the future through deferred compensation. In addition, we offer a comprehensive package of voluntary employee benefits.


We want you to feel at home in the company and stay well informed at all times. In-house communications are therefore very important to us. To keep you up to date on company affairs, we provide the Edscha Intranet, employee meetings, a worldwide employee magazine and in-house postings. To foster a company spirit we sponsor company sports associations and popular soccer tournaments at which Edscha plants compete against each other. Open Days and Christmas parties likewise contribute to a good working atmosphere. Our company is characterized by a participative management style.

Job security

Since April 2010 Edscha has been part of the Spanish company Gestamp, which has made substantial investments to help us achieve our growth goals. Thanks to our good operating profits and to the support provided by our Spanish parent company, we will continue to grow and expand into new markets. In this way we promote job security and create new career opportunities for our employees.

Corporate social responsibility

We not only are committed to our employees, customers, suppliers and owners, we also bear responsibility for the social conditions at the locations where we do business. Our Donation Policy is an expression of this responsibility. Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) commits us to the utmost honesty and integrity. These attributes are the foundation of our reputation as a company with high ethical standards. The Code of Conduct defines minimum standards which apply to all employees worldwide and must be acknowledged by them.

Please download the corresponding PDFs here:

Donation Policy

Corporate Social Responsibility

Code of Conduct