Training at Edscha – the ideal way to start your career

By selecting the right occupation and the right company for an apprenticeship, you can lay the foundation for a successful, crisis-proof career. Do you want to work in industry? Do cars fascinate you? Do you want to learn and grow? Would you like to work for a world market leader and get a good start in your career?

Then Edscha is the ideal company for an apprenticeship. As a global leader in the automotive supply industry it can give you the best possible training.

Edscha has successfully trained apprentices for many years and sees vocational training as one of its obligations to society. We believe it is our social duty to train young men and women for an occupation, in this way giving them a perspective in life. We have therefore traditionally offered such training – long before the current talk about shortages of skilled workers.

Because we very much want our training to succeed, we do everything we can to prepare our apprentices for successful careers.

Choosing a career is more than just looking for a job. An apprenticeship at Edscha is a good step towards a secure professional future with excellent prospects.

Why come to Edscha for an apprenticeship?

  • You will embark on an interesting career with an innovative automotive supplier.
  • You will assume more and more responsibility as your skills increase.
  • You will be well qualified for employment by having completed your training.
  • You will have a higher income than untrained employees.
  • You will have the social security benefits that come with a collective wage agreement in a large company.
  • You will have employment prospects with Edscha after completion of your training.

What apprenticeships does Edscha offer?

We offer a wide range of apprenticeship training at our locations in Germany. The choice will depend on your interests, abilities and likings.

At Remscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany:

Industrial business management assistant (m/f/d)
Technical product designer (m/f/d)
Tool mechanic (m/f/d)

At Hengersberg in Bavaria, Germany:

Electronics engineer (m/f/d)
Warehouse logistics specialist (m/f/d)
Industrial business management assistant (m/f/d)
Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)

At Hauzenberg in Bavaria, Germany:

Electronics engineer (m/f/d)
Industrial mechanic (m/f/d)
Tool mechanic (m/f/d)

How does vocational training work?

As a rule, you start your training in August or September. The dual training system combines practical in-company training with study at a vocational school. At Edscha an experienced mentor is assigned to you throughout your apprenticeship to monitor your progress and provide support. In this way we make you fit for the future!

In addition, each specialist department has training coordinators. You will hone your skills in well-equipped workshops that provide a secure

basis for a successful apprenticeship. In-company training runs from 2 to 3½ years.

To see how much fun an apprenticeship at Edscha can be, take a look at the films that was made by several apprentices at our Hengersberg plant.

Watch film 1

Watch film 2

And what comes next?

As a company with more than 4,800 employees worldwide (and more than 1,500 in Germany), we can offer you many opportunities once you’ve completed your apprenticeship. You can expect to receive demanding tasks, bear responsibility early on and have a chance to participate in important decisions. As a rule, you can count on getting a permanent job. Long before an entitlement to employment was established through collective bargaining, Edscha voluntarily implemented this throughout the company. In keeping with our credo, “A secure future is essential”, we entered in such an agreement at an early date as an expression of our responsibility to society.

Set goals for yourself –
and enter a vocational training program with Edscha

If you would like to come to Edscha to get a perfect start in your career, please send us your application.

Remscheid, North Rhine–Westphalia

Anke Müller

Hengersberg, Bavaria

Petra Kaiser

Hauzenberg, Bavaria

Dominika Gottinger