Corporate Social Responsibility

Value-based corporate policy

The significant market position of the Edscha Group is the result of a value-based corporate policy.

Code of Conduct / Compliance

A Code of Conduct defines the minimum standards applicable to all employees throughout the world. These guidelines are based on fundamental values from the fields of human rights, labor standards, environmental protection and anti-corruption, as well as the principle of legality, which obligates Edscha to observe the laws of the countries in which the company is active. The highest possible degree of honesty and integrity is the prerequisite to protect our reputation as a company with high ethical standards.

You can download the Code of Conduct here in German, Chinese, Czech, English, French, JapaneseKorean, Portuguese, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

Reporting of Violations

It is possible to give information in your local language. For this purpose, please use one of the the following e-mail addresses. These addresses are exclusively for reporting offences against the Code of Conduct:

They are not to be used to send applications or offers of products and services. We hope you understand that messages sent to these compliance addresses which do not serve this purpose cannot be processed.

Infringements against the values of our Code of Conduct can also be reported by telephone to local call centers. Calls are free of charge. A list of country-specific telephone numbers can be found here.

Donation policy

As a globally operating company we acknowledge our responsibility for the social environment of the communities in which we have places of business. It is a special concern of ours to make a contribution to a socially intact environment wherever we are active.

As company with high social, ethical and moral standards, we therefore support with donations those projects and institutions which champion with long-term effect the values laid down by Edscha in its Code of Conduct.