Corporate policy

Our aspiration

Edscha makes an important contribution to the common good by using the best possible environment-friendly, energy-efficient methods and technologies consuming the least possible resources in development and production.

It goes without saying that Edscha is committed to continuous improvement in terms of quality, environmental protection and safety at work, to the avoidance of pollution and to compliance with all relevant legal and other requirements. For us this includes commitment to such basic principles as the protection of human rights and the preservation of jobs and the environment as defined in the Global Compact, an initiative of the United Nations.

Corporate philosophy

Edscha's chief aim is to constantly reinforce its status as a technological leader and indispensable partner to the international automotive industry by means of permanent innovation, and thus maintain the maximum possible degree of customer satisfaction.

The customer

The focus of all of our efforts is the customer. All of our activities are designed to achieve the maximum possible degree of customer satisfaction. We offer the customer high-value products in terms of quality - based on our zero-error strategy -, safety standards and environment-friendliness at a fair and competitive price. Our aim is to strengthen our technical leadership in all of the segments in which we operate.

For this purpose we need to know what our customers expect, and so we listen to them carefully to understand their needs. However, we not only aim to satisfy our customers' expectations, but also to exceed those expectations by procuring competitive advantages for them with new technical solutions, and by impressing them with innovations that enable them to grow as well as keep them satisfied. Every item that we supply needs to play its role in winning future business for us. Total customer satisfaction means success for both supplier and customer and the maximum possible benefit for all other Edscha partners.

Finance providers

Edscha will do everything that it can to justify the trust placed in it by its finance providers. We will therefore employ our financial resources carefully, investing the capital available to us in the best possible way to achieve steady sales growth. Edscha will satisfy its finance providers' profit expectations. All organisational units continuously improve their processes and procedures in terms of measurable criteria.


Employees who are happy in their work contribute to the success of a quality-conscious, innovative organisation. Edscha promotes measures designed to increase employee satisfaction, e.g. good supply of information, involvement in management, performance-related pay and freedom of association. Staff are given access to the necessary further training and qualification programmes, and the company promotes individual employee responsibility.

Edscha will do everything it can to preserve all jobs within the Group and to protect employees against danger. Health and safety at work are integral to our company policy and are constantly being improved.


Edscha selects suppliers solely on the basis of their competitiveness and quality orientation. It expects suppliers and service providers to maintain the same high ethical standards as those embodied in this Code of Conduct.

We are well aware that only experienced and well-qualified suppliers and service providers can make us more competitive.

We work with our suppliers on a basis of trust and confidence. By cooperating on this basis, we can each improve our performance steadily.

Society and the public

As an attractive employer bearing a high degree of social responsibility, Edscha performs an important function in society. Within our sphere of influence, we strive consistently to implement our basic principles in the fields of human rights, labour standards, environmental protection and the prevention of corruption.