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System solutions

As a strategic development partner to the international automobile industry, Edscha designs convincing solutions for up-to-date vehicle concepts.

Having good ideas is one side of the coin; the other is to have suitable structures that enable the development of ideas into a product ready for production. Process orientation, strategic prioritization and the utilization of international network structures are just a few of the success factors that determine our innovative power. A worldwide development and production network as well as an innovative product portfolio – cost-optimized and tailored to customer needs – distinguish us from the competition.

Thanks to this innovative strength we have been a world market and technology leader for door hinges and door checks for many years. And in the area of driver controls such as pedal boxes and foot-operated parking brakes as well as drives for the fully automatic opening and closing of liftgates and rear lids we rank among the leading European suppliers of such products. Not least of all because our teams of experts again and again succeed in reinventing a mature product like a hinge by introducing additional functions – for instance pedestrian protection – into the hinge.

Hood hinges for active pedestrian protection

The protection of pedestrians involved in accidents with cars has improved significantly in the past years. Among other things, the concept of the active hood with its special pedestrian protection hinges has contributed to this progress.

Edscha has longstanding experience in the development and manufacture of these complex hood hinges for so-called active pedestrian protection.

In addition to the usual opening and closing of the hood these hinges also meet the various demands posed by an accident. If worst comes to worst and a collision with a pedestrian occurs, within a few milliseconds such a hinge rises up a small, but crucial amount contrary to the normal opening direction to create an impact absorbing zone. This buffer softens the impact of the body, especially the head, on the hood and the engine block underneath it, and in this way provides added protection to the pedestrian.

The pedestrian protection device of the hinge is triggered by the igniting of a pyrotechnic actuator which is more or less comparable with the system that triggers an airbag.

Edscha Soft Stop

More comfort and flexibility for entering and leaving a vehicle is offered by stepless door checks integrated into the door hinge.

With the Soft Stop, Edscha has an innovative system that enables safely staying the door in any position desired. Drivers thus can determine the door opening width themselves and make optimal use of the available space.

The Soft Stop opens the doors evenly, with gently rising holding effort. Two very hard springs inside the Soft Stop are responsible for the gentle opening of the door. They form the so-called soft sleeve, which is provided with a constantly rising fine contour. Through the opening angle of the door this contour causes the holding force of the Soft Stop to adjust steplessly to the required effort.

Lightweight drives
for excellent visibility

Electrically powered liftgates with drives from Edscha not only are a visible improvement, they improve visibility.

With its latest generation of drives, Edscha currently markets the system with the smallest external diameter – not more than 30 mm. Apart from reducing space needs, this substantially improves the view to the rear. Moreover, these innovative drives for fully automatic opening and closing of rear lids and liftgates currently are the lightest available: the entire system weighs 950 g.